New Work by Atlanta Artist Ellen DeLoach

June 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

Ellen DeLoach, Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield, mixed media, Josef Glimer Gallery Chicago

Ellen DeLoach, Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield, 2012, 22 x 30,” mixed media on paper

The American South is a land of strained history and ever-healing wounds. Artist Ellen DeLoach, a Georgia native, seeks to extract the spiritual essence of place, unearthing soil rich in both turmoil and triumph.

Mixed media works like Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield feel at once violent and graceful. In her Nesting series, DeLoach has removed the idea of a horizon line altogether, leaving raw, emotive color and texture. Though she works in a variety of materials including oil, fiber, collage and encaustic, her process is most deeply rooted in drawing. Energetic contour lines, both 2-D and 3-D, wind in and out of the artist’s thickly-layered compositions.

Ellen DeLoach, Nesting 1, Mixed media on canvas, Josef Glimer Gallery Chicago

Ellen DeLoach, Nesting 1, 2015, 18 x 23,” oil, wax, and mixed media on canvas

DeLoach’s figurative pieces complement rather than contradict her landscapes, turning ideas of destruction, scarring, and forgiveness inward to the female form. Layers of melted, carved wax suggest both plowed soil and torn flesh. Loosely inspired by the Biblical story of Ruth, DeLoach’s women exude both physical and spiritual resilience.

Ellen DeLoach, Movement 7, mixed media on paper and panel, Josef Glimer Gallery Chicago

Ellen DeLoach, Movement 7, 2014, 24 x 18,” mixed media with hot wax

For the last five years, DeLoach has flourished under the tutelage of Abstract Expressionist painter and Guggenheim fellow Michael David. David writes of the “fierce beauty” of DeLoach’s work, “…she creates a history, a record of loss, triumph and redemption.”

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